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  • Miami, FL January 31, 2014—Modern Veterinary Therapeutics, LLC announces that the Veterinary Drugs Directorate (VDD) has approved CLOPROSTENOL VEYXTM (cloprostenol injection – 250 mg/mL) in Canada. CLOPROSTENOL VEYXTM is presented in 10mL, 20mL, and 50mL vials and a 12x50mL vial value package. CLOPROSTENOL VEYXTM‘s ability to shorten the life span of the corpus luteum makes it efficient for multiple therapeutic indications including treating certain clinical conditions which delay breeding, manipulating the estrous cycle to better fit specific management practices, and inducing abortion. For controlled breeding, the luteolytic action of CLOPROSTENOL VEYXTM can be used to schedule estrus and ovulation for animals in order to control when cycling cows or heifers can be bred. “Modern Veterinary Therapeutics, LLC is pleased to announce this new approval in Canada demonstrating our commitment to expanding our focus to include production animals in addition to our existing companion animal and equine product lines” said Dr. Cuong Tu Ba, President of Modern Veterinary Therapeutics, LLC.