Modern Veterinary Therapeutics

Modern Veterinary Therapeutics Vet Lab

Passion For Innovations

Modern Veterinary Therapeutics is a forward thinking company committed to the research and development of innovative veterinary pharmaceuticals, biologics, and diagnostics.

A Quality Brand

Quality is what drives Modern Veterinary Therapeutics. As a brand built upon trust, Modern Veterinary Therapeutics is recognized worldwide by veterinarians and strategic partners for its high quality standards.

Our aim is to bring to Veterinarians the most useful and innovative products with demonstrated safety and efficacy. To this effect, studies to support the registration of our veterinary drugs and biologicals are performed under very strict Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in full compliance with regulations of the US FDA, USDA, Health Canada or the EMEA. Our products are manufactured in full compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP). The manufacturing and quality control facilities are regularly inspected by the US FDA and USDA.