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  • Cloprostenol Veyx SW

    Cloprostenol injection –
    175 μg/2mL

    Sterile injectable prostaglandin analogue for swine

    Cloprostenol Veyx SW induces farrowing in sows and gilts. Parturition and piglet viability are normal when Cloprostenol Veyx SW is administered as early as 1 or 2 days before the expected farrowing date. Piglet mortality may be increased if Cloprostenol Veyx SW is administered earlier than the second day before expected farrowing. The prediction of the precise date of farrowing is subject to error; therefore, the operator should be prepared to render extra care to piglets, if necessary. The average gestation length must be calculated on each farm from accurate service records so that sows may be induced to farrow at the required time. (In most situations gestation length varies between 111 and 119 days with an average around 115 days as shown below.) Sows and gilts may then be given Cloprostenol Veyx SW as early in gestation as 2 days before this calculated expected farrowing date. The majority of animals can be expected to respond within the period 24 ± 5 hours following injection, except in those cases where spontaneous farrowing is imminent. Trials have shown that normally 95% will commence farrowing within 36 hours of treatment.

    Dosage and Administration:
    2 mL (175 µg cloprostenol) Cloprostenol Veyx SW should be administered by deep intramuscular injection.

    Packaging: 50mL multidose vials

    Storage: Protect from light. Store between 15°C and 30°C. Discard unused product after 28 days of first broaching the vial.

    See package insert for full information on side effects, precautions,
    warnings and contraindications.

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    Cloprostenol Veyx SW

    Comes in a 50mL multidose vials

    Cloprostenol Veyx SW 50mL

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