Cloprostenol Veyx

Cloprostenol injection –
250 μg/mL

Sterile synthetic prostaglandin

Therapeutic Indications:

By its ability to shorten the life span of the corpus luteum
Cloprostenol Veyx can be used to treat certain clinical
conditions which delay breeding, to manipulate the estrous cycle
to better fit certain management practices, and to induce abortion.

  • Sub-estrus (silent heat or non-detected estrus)
  • Pyometra or chronic endometritis
  • Pregnancies from mis-mating and abortion in feedlot heifers
  • Mummified fetus

Controlled Breeding:

The luteolytic action of Cloprostenol Veyx can be used to
schedule estrus and ovulation for an individual animal or
a group of animals. This allows control of the time at which
cycling cows or heifers can be bred.

Dosage and Administration (IM Injection):

For Therapeutic Indications – 2 mL
For Controlled Breeding – 2 mL
For Abortion – 1.5 mL (2 mL for animals over 455 kg)

See package insert for full information on injection
regimens, side effects, precautions, warnings and

50mL multidose vials

15 – 30 C. Protect from light.

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Cloprostenol Veyx 50mL

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