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  • Cepesedan

    Detomidine hydrochloride injection – 10 mg/ml

    Sedative and analgesic for horses and yearlings

    Cepesedan is indicated for use as a sedative and analgesic to facilitate minor surgical and diagnostic procedures in mature horses and yearlings.

    Dosage and Administration:

    Administer Cepesedan intravenously or intramusculary at the rates of 20 or 40 ug detomidine hydrochloride per kg of body weight (0.2 to 0.4 mL of Cepesedan per 100 kg or 220 Ibs.), depending upon the depth and duration of sedation and analgesia required. Analgesia is more pronounced when the drug is given intravenously. Sedative and analgesic effects will usually occur in 2 to 5 minutes and will persist for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon the dosage and route of administration.

    Prior to and following injection, the animal should be allowed to rest quietly. The full effect should be reached within 2 to 4 minutes after I.V. injection and 3 to 5 minutes after intramuscular injection.

    See package insert for full information on side effects, precautions, warnings and contraindications.


    5mL and 20mL multidose vials


    15-30°C. Protect from light.

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    Available in 5mL or 20mL size multidose vials

    Cepesedan 5mL

    CDMV: 109023

    VPCL: 7750800

    WDDC: 120825

    AVP: 3820460

    Cepesedan 20mL

    CDMV: 109024

    VPCL: 7750802

    WDDC: 120826

    AVP: 3820462