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    Modern Veterinary Therapeutics, LLC is proud to announce the launch of

    Detomidine Hydrochloride is the first FDA-approved generic detomidine hydrochloride injection (10mg/mL) for sedation & analgesia in horses. This product follows last year’s launches of Medetomidine Hydrochloride (ANADA 200-610), the first FDA-approved generic medetomidine hydrochloride injection (1mg/mL) and Revertidine (ANADA 200-624), the first FDA-approved generic atipamezole hydrochloride injection (5mg/mL) for reversal of medetomidine and dexmedetomidine. We are excited to have now launched three of our most successful Canadian products into the U.S. Market.


    First Veterinary Supply:

    20mL (item 021396) | 5mL (item 021395)

    Penn Veterinary Supply:

    20mL (item VED1021) | 5mL (item VED1020)

    Victor Medical Supply:

    20mL (item 1896109) | 5mL (item 1896108)

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