ImmunoComb VacciCheck

Canine Distemper – Adenovirus Type 2 Parvovirus Antibody Test K, Dot Blot

The Canine VacciCheck is a quick, simple and portable dot blot test kit intended for detection of antibodies to:

Infectious Hepatitis (tested by Adenovirus Type 2 – CAV2)

Parvovirus (CPV)

Distemper (CDV)

Canine VacciCheck

What benefits can the Canine VacciCheck provide?

Canine VacciCheck can:

  • Assist in diagnosis of disease status of dogs from one of these diseases.
  • Help determine if a dog requires additional vaccination, thus reducing unnecessary vaccination and potential side effects.
  • Be useful to determine a dog’s unknown vaccination history.
  • Determines if puppies have received immunity from initial vaccination program.

How does the Canine VacciCheck provide such benefits?

The Canine VacciCheck:

  • Provides semi quantitative serological results for the three core vaccines.
  • Checks these three vaccines in one test in the veterinary clinic or lab.
  • Supplies results within 21 minutes .
  • Does not require a lab or lab technician to perform the test.











The Development Plate has multiple compartments, which contain the necessary reagents for Comb development.


  • The Comb has 12 teeth
  • One tooth tests one blood/serum sample
  • Each tooth can provide up to three tests: CAV2, CPD, and CDV

VacciCheck Development 1



Obtain blood from the animal(s).

VacciCheck Development 2



Deposit blood or serum sample(s) into well(s) A in developing plate.

VacciCheck Development 3



Insert Comb into well(s) A. Incubate for a specified time.

VacciCheck Development 4



Transfer the Comb from well(s) A to well(s) F in a timed sequence. Time intervals vary according to type of Kit.

VacciCheck Development 5


Let Comb dry and read results. The color intensity of spots on Comb corresponds to antibody level.