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  • Modern Veterinary Therapeutics, LLC (USA) and Biogal Galed Labs (Israel) announce today that the USDA-Center for Veterinary Biologics has approved Canine VacciCheck diagnostic kit.

    Canine VacciCheck is indicated for the detection of antibodies to infectious canine hepatitis, canine parvovirus and canine distemper in dog whole blood or serum.

    “At last veterinarians don’t have to choose between good medical practice and the revenue for their clinics. Canine VacciCheck, the first in-clinic antibody diagnostic test for all three major canine viral infections, is a practical solution that allows the veterinarians to keep both the expertise and the revenue in the clinic as well as the same frequency of visits by the pet owners. Canine VacciCheck is based on the patented ImmunoComb technology and is offered with CombScan software which allows a reading of the results within only a few seconds. Modern Veterinary Therapeutics LLC is pleased to begin offering this new product that represents the most significant innovation in the antibody diagnostic market in the last 10 years”, said Dr Cuong Tu Ba, President and Founder of Modern Veterinary Therapeutics.

    Revertor (Atipamezole hydrochloride injection – 5mg/ml) is now available in Canada.

    Cepetor (Medetomidine hydrochloride injection – 1mg/mL) is now available in Canada.

    Cepesedan  (Detomidine hydrochloride injection -10 mg/mL) is now available in Canada

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