Nerfasin 20

Xylazine injection – 20 mg/mL

DIN 02444089

Nerfasin 20 should be used in dogs, cats, and cattle when it is desirable to
produce a state of sedation accompanied by a shorter period of analgesia.

Dosage and Administration: Dogs and Cats
Intravenously – 0.5 mL/20 lbs of body weight (0.5 mg/lb) (1.1 mg/kg)
Intramusculary or subcutaneously – 1.0 mL/20 lbs body weight (1 mg/lb or
2.2 mg/kg). In large dogs (over 50lbs.) a dosage of 0.5 mg/lb administered
intramuscularly may provide sufficient sedation and/or analgesia for most procedures.

Dosage and Administration: Cattle
Intramuscularly – Range of 0.25 to 0.75 mL/100 lbs body weight (Equivalent to 0.05 to 0.15 mg/lb or 0.11 to 0.33

See package insert for full information on side effects, precautions,
warnings and contraindications.

Packaging: 25 mL multidose vial

Storage: Store at room temperature, 15-30°C; Do not freeze. Store the vial in the upright position. Discard any remainder 28 days after broaching. The stopper should not be punctured more than 20 times after broaching.

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Nerfasin 20
Nerfasin 20 Vial and Box

Comes in 25mL size multidose vials

Nerfasin 20 – 25mL

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