Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2-Parvovirus Antibody Test Kit, Dot Blot


Intended use: This kit is used for the detection of antibodies to Infectious Canine Hepatitis (ICH), Canine Parvovirus (CPV) and Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) in dog whole blood or serum. 


Performance: During studies conducted under GCP for the the registration of the kit with the USDA - Center for Veterinary Biologics, the sensitivity and specificity of the kit were respectively 100% and 83% for CDV; 96% and 82% for CAV-2; 88% and 100% for CPV.


Packaging: Standard size 12 tests or Lab size 120 tests


Why is antibody detection important? In a study conducted on 500 vaccinated dogs, approximately 10% failed to develop antibody to CPV-2 or had exceptionally low titers. Also in that study approximately 5% of dogs were noted to have low or no antibody to CDV (L.J. Larson & R.D. Schultz 2007).

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